MUSIC IS HERE! (v1.2, post-LD version)

After a lot of work* we are proud to release a new version of the game with many improvements:

  • Music!
    • Enjoy the getting-lost-in-a-maze atmosphere with original music composed by cheeslo.
    • The music dynamically changes throughout the gameplay based on the Player's remaining energy and position in the maze.
  • Physics: tweaked wall-friction and bounciness
    • Now you can slide along the walls – great for running around corners.
    • The Player is bounced away when hitting an obstacle. It feels so good, try it!
  • Other minor physics, visual and performance tweaks.

Known issues:

  • Music looping does not work in the WebGL build. Please use a native build instead.

Play Now!

What to look forward to in the next releases:

  • Mobile support (almost ready)
  • Accelerometer controls!
  • More interesting game mechanics
  • SFX
  • Slight changes in Music. (The composer is only 95% happy with the result so stay tuned for an even better-sounding version!)

* These improvements took longer than making the whole game during LD. Git says there were 35 commits since v1.1.


lit-win 23 MB
Aug 22, 2017
lit-mac 28 MB
Aug 22, 2017
lit-web Play in browser
Aug 22, 2017

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